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A message from Pastor Hae Seon Lee:

Christ is risen!

During the month of April, we celebrated the resurrection of our risen Lord. We continue the celebration in the month of May, and we end the month celebrating the Lord’s ascension and the com-ing of the Holy Spirit. It is Christ’s ascension to be with the Father and sending us the Holy Spirit that allows us to the greater works Christ has informed us.

For many years, American churches slowed things down the week after Pentecost, as many people leave for vacation, and the climate becomes warm for outdoor activities. Looking at it from a theological standpoint, this sure is odd. We are to receive the Holy Spirit who gives us power to do great things and become Christ’s witnesses to the ends of the earth on Pentecost. Then, right after Pentecost, we take a break from everything, when we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, who gives us power and is ready to start the great work Christ has planned for us.

Thus, this month would be a great time to think about and discern the ministry God is calling us to. As we look forward to Pentecost at the first week of June, as we look forward for the Holy Spirit Jesus is sending to us in his place, we could start thinking about the ministry we feel God is calling us to.

We shall continue our Bible Study on Wednesday mornings and Class Meetings on Saturdays, along with second harvest food ministry every month and various other ministries of the church. Do not hesitate to let me know if you feel called to a new ministry where we can serve God and the peo-ple we are called to serve.

I look forward to journey with you as you discern the ministry God has called, and also in our new Bible studies as we go deep in the scriptures and the story of the body of Christ.
Peace and Grace in Christ,

Pastor Hae Seon Lee